Ad Changer/Management Plugin Tutorials

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Learn how to manage online banner ads campaigns across multiple WordPress Sites tutorial

The CM Ad Changer manages several banner advertising campaigns across multiple WordPress sites simultaneously. As an ad-server, plugin settings manage or restrict the showing of banner ads according to each campaign id parameters. Campaign settings include days of the week, custom ad campaign dates, and maximum numbers of impressions or clicks per banner. The ad-server's management console is intuitive and easy to use. View statistics for each campaign on multiple WordPress websites. This plugin is also available in the WordPress Repository.

More info and free download on:

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How to turn you website into a WordPress ad server that Builds effective Ad Campaigns

The CM Ad-Changer is a multi-purpose Ad-Changer Server which enables different use cases and scenarios, providing robust infrastructure to manage and track your campaigns.

Ad-Changer lets you run your campaigns on multiple WordPress sites at the same time. You can create banners ads, HTML ads, Video Ads, Ad-Sense campaigns and many more

You can download the free edition of the plugin from the WordPress repository or by visiting

We are constantly adding support and new features based on use cases we receive from our users. Learn how CM Ad-Changer can help boost your marketing efforts .

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Installation tutorial for CM Ad Changer Plugin for WordPress

The Ad-Changer plugin for WordPress is a great tool to manage ad campaigns on your WordPress site. This video is a step by step installation and initial configuration tutorial for the free version of the plugin available from For more information please visit

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How to Create and Publish Responsive Campaigns, AdSense & Video Ad Campaigns using the Ad-Changer WordPress Plugin

The Ad-Changer Plugin for WordPress supports showing responsive banners on multiple WordPress sites. You can suggest variations per each banner which will show only for specific devices based on their screen width.

CM Ad Changer supports both Video Ads and HTML-based Ads. Both Ad types are used as banner Ads, and contain a weight parameter which defines the total appearance percentage in comparison with other Ads in the same campaign.

Video Ads can either be served from a local host or a cloud storage, including video networks such as Youtube and Vimeo. Textual Ads can be linked like any other banner Ad to a target location of your choice.

Campaign Groups is a way to manage several campaigns on the same Ad Spot. Campaign groups are comprised of several campaigns, each including its own weight within the group. The campaign group is defined by placing a shortcode in your template, widget or any other place within a page or a post. Once the page is rendered, the Ad-Changer client connects with the Ad-Changer server, who randomly serves a chosen campaign out of the campaign group based on its weight.

More info and free downloads are available on

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Ad Changer Customers Dashboard AddOn for WordPres

Create a dashboard for your customers to view and track their Adaptable Ad Changer server campaigns. Customers can view only the campaign performance down to the level or each banner without the ability to change campaign settings

For more information please visit the product page at