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Custom Coupon Code Error Messages for Magento® 2

The Magento® Custom Coupon Code Error Messages extension allows you to create, track, and display custom coupon error messages when customers attempt to apply a coupon code to their shopping cart, and for a particular reason, that discount cannot be applied.

Offering discounts on a customer’s cart price is an important sales strategy. Coupon codes are easy to distribute, but can sometimes be difficult to track. What happens when a customer goes to use a coupon code and it doesn’t work? It can be frustrating for customers when coupon codes aren’t valid at checkout and no error message is displayed.

This can result in decreased sales and more work for a customer service team, who must explain the error to customers each time.

Add Custom Error Messages to Coupons

By using the Magento® Coupon Code Error Messages extension, you can save customer frustration by displaying a logical reason why a coupon code cannot be applied to the shopping cart.

This creates a better user experience for shoppers and decreases the workload for store customer service.

Detailed messages for possible errors can be added to each of your coupons in advance, no matter what language they are in or who they are intended for. Customers will no longer need to guess why a Magento® coupon code is not working or contact your customer service team for an answer! This greatly reduces time your customer service team spends answering the same questions.

For more information please visit the extension page