Frequently Asked Questions Plugin Tutorials


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FAQ User Submission Add-on

Allow users to add questions to your FAQ knowledge base with this handy add-on to the CM Frequently Asked Questions plugin.

For more details, please visit


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Installation Guide for the CM FAQ Plugin for WordPress

The CM FAQ Plugin for WordPress let's you add questions and answers in an FAQ style to your WordPress site. The video covers the installation steps for the free version of the plugin you can download from In the Pro version you have many additional features such are search option, FAQ widget and more customization options for the FAQ category and page. For more options and for the Pro version please visit


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CM FAQ Plugin for WordPress

Using the CM FAQ plugin you can create unlimited amount of questions and assign them to categories. Questions can be then accessed in several ways: search questions using a floating widget, a search box located in the FAQ index page and by browsing the FAQ categories. The plugin also support voting (thumb up or down). More information can be found at