Gift Card Extension M1 Tutorials


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Gift Card Extension for Magento® 1 by CreativeMinds

The Gift Card Suite is a simple Magento gift card module for Magento®. It gives customers the ability to purchase Gift Cards, use Gift Cards as a separate payment option (full order or split payment), and add money to both electronic and physical gift cards.

Our Gift Card module for Magento® includes robust admin tools. Admins can configure a new gift card page template, where customers buy and check gift card balances. Additionally, all gift cards may be edited or updated by customer service through the admin panel.

This Magento gift card extension also includes a new gift card payment method. Customers can purchase products from your site using only a gift card.

Gift card SKUs, email templates and card dollar values are all configurable, as well as a gift card shipping method for “gift card-only” shipments.

For more information please check the product page