OnBoarding Plugin Tutorials

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CM OnBoarding Guidance and Engagement Plugin for WordPress Tutorial

The WordPress CM OnBoarding plugin from CreativeMinds is a great tool which can simplify the online experience and eliminate user confusion. It helps the user while browsing your WordPress site and guides him every step of the way to successfully complete his online tasks.
The CM OnBoarding plugin can increase conversion rate, reduce the learning curve and costs while maintaining customer satisfaction.

More info and Free download available at: https://onboardingplugin.com

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  • 03:31

Introduction to the WordPress CM OnBoarding Plugin

The CM OnBoarding WordPress plugin displays an icon which toggles a sliding widget on the right or left side of the screen. The widget displays help and guidance items divided into many sections. Content can include videos, images, plain text and hyperlink text. This is a great tool to assist your site users and answer questions they may have, walk them through the site, improve user experience and user satisfaction, improve your conversion rate and suggest additional sources of information.

More info and Free Download available at: https://onboardingplugin.com