Order Status Highlighter Extension M1 Tutorials


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Order Highlighter Extension for Magento 1

The Order Highlighter module for Magento help you view your order grid easier by adding colors and additional fields.
With the Order Highlighter module, you have many options to help the store admin to visualize the order grid.

Store admin can set rules to highlight only pending orders, or multiple types of orders, or even customers with multiple orders that are still pending.

Store admin can define a color for each defined rules that matches a specified criteria.

Store admin can also set priority while creating any rule using the extension. While you have an order which falls into two separate defined rules, the rule with the highest priority will become the background color of that order.

For more information please visit https://www.cminds.com/ecommerce-extensions-store/order-highligther-extension-for-magento-1-by-creativeminds/