Product Review Incentive Coupon Extension for Magento® 1


  • 03:56

Give Coupons for Product Reviews with the Magento® Review Reminder Extension

Product reviews are an important source of information for potential customers. The CM Product Review Reminder Extension allows you to automatically send product review reminders to customers. Not having enough product reviews can hurt your online business.

To encourage product reviews, this extension allows you to add a generated coupon code that is activated when a customer product review is approved. This coupon code is sent to the customer in a customized email that can be scheduled based on the product. Requesting feedback with the addition of a discount code can be an incentive for customers to leave product reviews and add user generated content to your Magento® online store.

With the Product Review Reminder Extension, admin can also view a full report of the sent coupon codes and coupon usage.

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