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CM Answers Tutorial

The plugin allows users to post a question, comment or answer (Q&A) in your discussion forum in Stackoverflow style. Our Question and Answer discussion forum plugin also includes social media registration like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ login. This Q&A enhancement has many other unique features that allow administrators to customize the display of visitors' queries and comments and rank responses according to popularity or number of votes


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How to allow Anonymous users to post Questions and Answers in your WordPress Q&A forum Tutorial

The CM Answers Anonymous User Posting extension adds the option for non logged-in users to post questions, answers and comments in the CM Answers discussion board. Posts by non logged-in users appear under a generic unknown user. The admin can moderate anonymous postings to avoid spam and authorize content. Extension also includes a Captcha support.

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CM Answers Widgets for WordPress Plugin - Fun Visualization Tools!

CM Answers Widgets Plugin for WordPress is a set of six fun visualization tools which enhance your WordPress forum by highlighting your questions, tags and categories. The visualization tools come in two forms, widgets and shortcodes


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Export & Import Add-on for CM Answers WordPress Plugin

Need to move your questions and answers from one site to the other? Do you wish to backup your CM Answers data and save it? This AddOn from CreativeMinds provides you with an easy tool to backup your CM Answers data and move it from one site to another. The output is stored on a file using the CSV format. It includes all questions, answers, categories, tags and links to the images and files uploaded. After you have imported the CSV file to a new site, all of this information is automatically created and imported into the CM Answers database. This is also a great tool to import questions from another Q&A plugin into Cm Answers- just use our sample CSV file template! With the CM Answers Export& Import Add-on, you'll never lose your valuable Q&A content! More information and additional WordPress plugins are available at


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Installation Guide for CM Questions and Answers Plugin for WordPress

This video is a step by step installation guide for the CM Questions and Answers free version plugin which can be downloaded from The plugin lets users post questions and answers on a WordPress site. For more detailed information please visit