RSS Post Importer for WordPress Videos


  • 00:55

RSS Content Importer Add-on for WordPress

Do you get frustrated after importing RSS feeds and only seeing partial content, such as trimmed excerpts?

Use this add-on and extract the full content directly from the page, bypassing the RSS feed.

The RSS Content Importer add-on boosts the CM RSS Importer plugin, which imports only content from the feed.


  • 03:22

RSS Importer and Aggregator for WordPress Troubleshooting

Using the RSS Aggregator or RSS Importer plugins for WordPress require the definition of the external feed URL This video is about the importance of setting up the RSS feeds correctly so it will be possible to obtain data from the RSS source.
This video is a troubleshooting guide which will help you use the RSS Importer and Aggregator plugins and answer some common issues regarding the usage of this plugins.
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  • 03:41

Advanced RSS Post Importer Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

RSS post importer is the best and most advanced tool for importing and displaying external posts using RSS and Atom feeds to your WordPress site.

You can import posts from multiple RSS feed and publish them as custom posts while using keywords to filter content

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