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SalesRep Dashboard AddOn for SalesRep Extension Magento 1

The easiest and most robust way to manage and analyze sales rep or dealer sales performance and commission over time

With sales rep management options like assigning reps to customer accounts or orders, this extension helps admin while creating a better customer experience.

This AddOn for the SalesRep extension is adding a new tab to admin panel called “SalesRep Dashboard”, where sales representatives can see their monthly orders. Information provided on the dashboard shows in the tables info about commission amount they earned (selected month, year to date and total), sales (selected month, year to date and total), sum of commission they earned this month (personal + as a manager).

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Manage Magento® Sales Representatives with the Commission Manager Extension

Are you in the market to increase the performance of your sales team on your Magento®-run store?

We have the incentive-based solution that you've been looking for! With the Sales Rep Commission Manager, admin or managers can assign specific commission amounts to individual products or suppliers and create a tiered management system within Magento®. It is easy for managers to assign sales reps to customers.

Sales reps will know exactly how much commission they will receive for each product. There are an infinite number of different permissions the admin can define in terms of what information managers and sales reps have access to.

The sales report function lets you understand which sales belong to which sales rep, what commission is due to sales reps or managers, and whether or not it the commissions have been paid. The extension has 3 editions: BASIC, PRO and DELUXE.

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How to Create Sales Representatives And Assign Permissions in Magento

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to create sales representatives and assign permissions to them within the Sales Representative Commission Manager extension for Magento.

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