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Perfect Each Page's Keywords With CM SEO Keyword Hound Free

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SEO Keyword Hound Course Intro

Take a short tour of the SEO Keyword Hound and learn how it can boost your onsite SEO and enhance other SEO tools you may already using.


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Part 1.1: Finding Keywords

Topics covered:
* Resources to build a comprehensive keyword list
* Locating keywords based on your competitors' pages


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Part 1.2: Adding and Managing Keywords

Topics covered:
* How to import a keyword list via a csv file
* How to build a keyword list manually within the SEO Keyword Hound
* How to nest keywords into primary and alternate keyword hierarchies


  • 03:46

Part 1.3: Locating Competitors

Topics covered:
* How to choose search queries and choose competitors from search results


  • 04:39

Part 1.4: Adding and Managing Competitors With API

Topics covered:
* Building a competitor list with the SEO Hound in bulk via Google Search API
* Fetching Page Authority and Domain Authority from Moz automatically via API
* What is PA and DA
* Marking top competitors


  • 03:54

Part 1.4: Adding and Managing Competitors Manually

Topics covered:
* Building a competitor list with the SEO Hound manually
* Pulling Page Authority and Domain Authority from Moz
* What is PA and DA?
* Marking top competitors


  • 08:07

Part 2.1: Keyword Analysis

Topics Covered:
* Conducting keyword competitor analysis using the SEO Hound on the all, top, and individual competitor level
* How to interpret keyword analysis data


  • 06:47

Part 2.2: Content Optimization

Topics covered:
* Black hat and white hat SEO techniques
* How to optimize content with the SEO Hound
* Workflow and content snapshots


  • 17:54

Part 2.3: Title Optimization

Topics covered:
* Use of the SEO Hound with Yoast for title optimization
* Title optimization hooks
* Balancing optimization and page metric performance