Supplier Frontend Products and Inventory Extension M1 Tutorials


  • 06:36

How to Allow Suppliers to Upload Products to your Magento® Online Store

The CM Supplier Stock Management extension for Magento® lets your store users become registered suppliers and have their own supplier dashboard where they can upload products into your store and manage orders. Suppliers and employees can be granted limited access to the store without giving away full access to your Magento® Admin panel.

At the same time, the supplier extension will maintain the admin’s exclusive ability to approve or dismiss products from going live, as well as to moderate products which need further editing. This extension gives admin supplier management capabilities, and helps site admin save time uploading products. Detailed reports on sales and products can be generated by both the admin and suppliers.

The Supplier Stock Management extension has the ability to benefit both admin and suppliers. Admin have the ability to manage suppliers and the products they upload, while suppliers can upload products from the front-end.

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