Tooltip Glossary Plugin Tutorials


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Easily allow your site visitors to Add Community Terms to your WordPress glossary

The CM Tooltip Glossary “Community Terms” Add-On provides an easy way for your users to add and suggest new terms, phrases and synonyms to your WordPress Glossary. This Add-On works for both anonymous users and registered users and allows you to control which individuals or user groups can add new terms to your site’s vocabulary. It also includes a moderation system which lets you edit the added terms before they are published. Suggested terms that are authored by visitors will appear in the Terms List page as a Draft until approved by the site administrator.
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How to import, export and share a glossary of terms between multiple WordPress sites

The CM Tooltip Glossary Remote Import Add-On provides an easy way to import and replicate CM Glossaries across several sites/domains and automatically keep them updated.

Use Cases
- Replicate one of your own CM Glossary database with all the terms to another sites and keep it updated with all changes and additions
- Merge multiple glossaries
- Update your glossary based on another external glossary
- Easily get a copy of a glossary from a friend
- Get the automatic updates using the built-in CRON mechanism


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A Walkthrough Guide For The Glossary Skins and Statistics Add-Ons for the Tooltip Glossary WordPress Plugin

The Tooltip Glossary plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds that creates an online glossary of terms on your site using tooltips to display term definitions when hovering over them inside pages or posts.

The admin can fully customize the look and feel of the tooltip on any page or post in WordPress. This tooltip glossary skins add-on plugin comes with 6 different predefined skins which can be further customized in the plugin settings.

The best feature of this add-on is that it enables you to easily design the tooltip window's look and feel in order to make it more engaging to visitors.

This video introduces two amazing add-ons that totally compliment this WordPress plugin:
- Glossary Skins lets you change the tooltip's shape, color, opacity and much more. It is an easy to use extension plugin add-on that works with any version of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin, including the Free Edition.
- Glossary Log & Statistics add-on tracks how users interact with your CM Tooltip Glossary data.

The Add-on collects statistical information that helps you monitor user flow and manage glossary performance. This add-on works with any edition of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin, even with the Free Version!

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How to embed audio, video and external API content inside tooltips on WordPress

This tutorial covers the advanced features of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin's eCommerce edition for WordPress, which includes:
- Support for Google Translate
- Support for WikiPedia
- Support for Merriam-Webster
- Support for WooCommerce
- Support for Amazon Recomendations
- Customization of the Tooltip
- Internal search for Glossary terms and many more features


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5.3. Tooltip Glossary Demo - Audio Tooltip


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3.2. Tooltip Glossary Demo - Merriam-Webster and Glosbe Dictionary Integration


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Build A Glossary With The WordPress Tooltip Glossary Plugin By CreativeMinds Installation Guide

This installation guide is a step by step tutorial helping you to install the free version of the helpful tooltip glossary plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds.

The plugin support building term pages on your WordPress site and showing the terms as tooltips on any post or page where the terms are found.

Users can make their content bilingual with Google Translate, or add product suggestions from Amazon and WooCommerce to take your glossary to the next level.

This plugin can also boost your SEO with a powerful glossary and automatic links for every term page.

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The Tooltip Glossary WordPress Plugin by CreativeMinds Tutorial

The CreativeMinds Tooltip Glossary plugin for WordPress enables admin to crawl posts or pages to display defined glossary terms by generating a glossary or index term page that contains all of the definition of the terms used in alphabetically order.

In addition, you can add links to the Merriam-Webster dictionary or other encyclopedia. The tooltip glossary plugin displays a tooltip containing the definition of the highlighted word on a page or post when users hover over the term with the cursor.

This plugin can increase your SEO with automatic links for every term page. One cool feature of this plugin is to generate a glossary index with all the technical terms your website uses.

This WordPress glossary can be fully customized from color to text size to placement.

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Tooltip Glossary Search Widget AddOn for WordPress by CreativeMinds

WordPress Tooltip Glossary Search Console Widget is an add-on that lets you place a small widget on the bottom of your website and let your users easily search your Glossary terms and content.
This tool include automatic suggestions for related glossary terms once users start typing the initial characters into the search widget.
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Glossary Editor Tooltip Addon for WordPress

The Glossary Editor Tooltip allows you to display informative tooltips while editing pages or posts in the Back-End.

It enables the tooltips in the title, content and excerpt of the post or page. It will show in both editor modes (visual and text).

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