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True Edit Orders Extension for Magento®

With Magento True Edit Orders, you can quickly edit billing and shipping information, shipping methods, item price and tax class, update item quantity, and add or remove items directly from the Order Details page.

Upon ‘Save’, the module fires an event to notify other systems that the order has been updated.

The extension automatically creates a note annotating changes made, user, date / time stamp, and allows to add comments manually.

Adding CIM Module

Adding CIM module will provides the functionality for customers to Save their credit card and use in future purchases, by creating and storing the customer profile on Authorize.Net secure servers for later use.

Adding the CIM functionality module to the True Edit Order will automatically re-authorize the credit card for the additional amount of a new order

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True Edit Order: Full Installation Guide for Magento 1

True Edit Order Manager Extension for Magento lets you quickly edit order information in your Magento store.

With this extension you can modify orders without the need to duplicate or cancel orders and create a new one for each change. Learn more:

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