Visual Blog Widgets Plugin Tutorials


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Tutorial showing how to add visualization widgets to your WordPress Blog and improve your blog UEX

CM Blog Widgets Plugin for WordPress adds 5 side-bar widgets which are easily configured and help expose the content of your blog posts in many visually engaging ways. Each widget is designed to adjust itself to your WordPress theme, and since they are fun to play with, they also contribute to the overall user experience of your site’s blog.

This tutorial is a step by step review of the plugin which explains how to configure the widgets and shows the outcome of using it in your site and blog.

On top of the widgets, the plugin also supports 3 shortcodes that allow you to display the widgets on any page or post on your site.

WordPress Blog Widgets Plugin will help you…
+ Add tools to expose the terms and categories of your blog
Improve your blog UEX
+ Engage your users with your blog content
+ Choose between several optional widgets

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How to Improve your WordPress Blog User Experience UEX by adding attractive Widgets

Add awesome visualisation tools and expose more of your blog's content with the new CM Blog Widgets plugin!

Engage your readers with fun and interactive sidebar widget that bring posts, categories and tags to the front of your blog.
Insert widgets inside your pages and posts using shortcodes for enhanced visibility.

Easily configure these fun tools and lower your bounce rate.

More info and additional wordpress plugins at: More info and additional WordPress plugins can be found at