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Paid Lesson Demo

This demo page shows the paid lesson with a few payment options.

*the payment is free - it's a test mode

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How to make the lesson paid?

Firt of all, you need to choose the payment provider and payment model.

The CM Video Lessons Payments add-on supports the payment plugins Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. You need to choose the one which you are going to use. We use EDD for our example, but it works the same fot WooCommerce.

And there are two payment models:

  • "Separate payment for each course, lesson or video"
  • "Single payment for all video contents".
  • We choose first option to be able to set separate prices for courses, lessons and videos.

    Now we can set the price for a lesson. It can be done while creating or editing the lesson. There's a section where you can add any amount of payment options with different prices for different durations.

    When you set the lesson prices and save the changes, the relevant products will be automatically created in EDD or WooCommerce (depending on which of them you use).

    You can check active and expired subscriptions on the corresponding tabs of the User Dashboard.

    WordPress Video Lessons Manager Plugin by CreativeMinds allows you to organize your online courses, webinars, lectures, tutorials, or pay-per-view video lessons while viewing course progress all in one easy-to-use dashboard. Add-ons allow you to boost it with payment support, quizzes and certificates!

    For more information go to the plugin product page